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♥ my name NurFatin Shahirah Bt Karim u can call me are-tien ♥ my age 18 year old ♥ my bufday 12.7.1993 ♥ i study in UiTM Jengka ♥ i really crazy with K-pop ♥ i love fashion n i like designer is Alexander Mc Queen

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


WOw!!! now SNSD same taraf dgn artis hollywood n SNSD skrg dah ade VEVO sendiri mmg TERBAEK lh dyorg 2!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kara Live On YouTube Channel!!!

who like Kara??? put hand up!!! HAHAHA XD....so now to all kamilia boleh tgk Kara live on YouTube Channel pada 07.09.2011 ini...mesti korang x sabar and happy kn??HEHEHE =)....Kara akan menbuat comeback pada bulan September ini...so to Kamilia wait okay!!! =)

KARA Live On YouTube Channel!!!

Alexander Mcqueen!!!

who alexander mcqueen??? alexander mcqueen is fashion designer....i like all he design b'cus he design very unique  and kinda scary, but yet interesting and fashionable... but now everyone missed him so much b'cus  11.o2.2011 alexander mcqueen R.I.P... i hope someday i can to be like him...alexander mcquuen is my idol!!!

                                       ...alexander mcqueen  design...
                   various clothes made by the most unique designer of all time. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia!!!!

Korean Music wave in Malaysia!!! Wow!!! confirm aku nk g!!! dengar citer SNSD, Suju, Big bang ade dtg!!! 24 September 2011 pukul 7.oo pm!!! harga tiket RM588 for Rock Zone & VVIP.... RM438 for block A and B...RM288 for block C and D... RM138 for Free Seating!!! Beli cepat nanti habis!!! =)

SNSD Picture in My Blog!!!

In k-pop girl group i really like SNSD b'cus u wacth variety show they very close...and i like SNSD song...i think i like all SNSD song!!! i hope someday i can meet SNSD

My new BLOG!!!!

After i make blog!!! i feel want sing & dance Roly Poly song from T-ara