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♥ my name NurFatin Shahirah Bt Karim u can call me are-tien ♥ my age 18 year old ♥ my bufday 12.7.1993 ♥ i study in UiTM Jengka ♥ i really crazy with K-pop ♥ i love fashion n i like designer is Alexander Mc Queen

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Alexander Mcqueen!!!

who alexander mcqueen??? alexander mcqueen is fashion designer....i like all he design b'cus he design very unique  and kinda scary, but yet interesting and fashionable... but now everyone missed him so much b'cus  11.o2.2011 alexander mcqueen R.I.P... i hope someday i can to be like him...alexander mcquuen is my idol!!!

                                       ...alexander mcqueen  design...
                   various clothes made by the most unique designer of all time. 

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