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♥ my name NurFatin Shahirah Bt Karim u can call me are-tien ♥ my age 18 year old ♥ my bufday 12.7.1993 ♥ i study in UiTM Jengka ♥ i really crazy with K-pop ♥ i love fashion n i like designer is Alexander Mc Queen

Friday, August 26, 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia!!!!

Korean Music wave in Malaysia!!! Wow!!! confirm aku nk g!!! dengar citer SNSD, Suju, Big bang ade dtg!!! 24 September 2011 pukul 7.oo pm!!! harga tiket RM588 for Rock Zone & VVIP.... RM438 for block A and B...RM288 for block C and D... RM138 for Free Seating!!! Beli cepat nanti habis!!! =)


  1. fatin, ada tgok hate mail SNSD ?sadis kut tgok sorg2 snsd kena kutuk ...

  2. x tgk...tp serious bnci gle dgn anti snsd (stand)...